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Our Purpose

We are proud to provide business development training with Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors®. As a authorised partner, our sole purpose is to provide you access to the genuinely inspiring world of Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors in which we are deeply immersed.

We ensure you invest in the best Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors solution for your needs whether you are a team leader, manager, leader of people, learning development or HR professional, coach, consultant, educator, or individual.

Everything DiSC Team Halo

Our Purpose

What is Everything DiSC® & The Five Behaviors®?

DiSC® is a simple yet powerful model that describes four basic behavioral styles: D, i, S, and C, and serves as the foundation for each distinct Everything DiSC® application, backed by 40 years of research. DiSC is used by more than 8 million people worldwide.

D: Dominance i: Influence S: Steadiness C: Conscientiousness. Everyone is a blend of all four DiSC styles—usually one, two, or even three styles stand out. Each person has a unique behavioral profile with different tendencies and priorities.

 We believe that these differences in style can be extremely valuable for indivduals, teams and entire organisations.

Everything DiSC

The Five Behaviors® was developed in partnership with New York Times best-selling author Patrick Lencioni. The groundbreaking model for developing cohesive teams comprises five key behaviors: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. Lencioni’s, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team has sold over 4 million copies sold since its 2002 release, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team continues to serve as a cornerstone for teamwork and organizational development. The Five Behaviors uses the DiSC model to personalise individual insights into the five behaviors.

Five Behaviors
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Coca Cola
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Trusted By Organisations Worldwide

Join the global leaders who use Everything DiSC® & The Five Behaviors® for their teams and organisations.

Immediate and Lasting Impact

Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors® offer end-to-end learning experiences that have an immedaite and lasting impact on the performance of indivduals, teams and the organisation's culture.

The learning experience starts with indivdual participants taking the Everything DiSC or Five Behaviors assessment. Then, either leave it to us to deliver a live in-person or virtual workshop or purchase a fully scripted multi-media kit to deliver your own workshop. Training and certification are available to provide you with the knowledge and condfidence to deliver impactful learning experiences. Achieve lasting impact by using Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ and MyEverythingDiSC® portals and Five Behaviors progress reports.

Successful Team

Immediate and Lasting Impact

Everything DiSC Individual Halo

Everything DiSC starts people on the path from personalised insight to culture change. It helps individuals understand themselves and others better, inspiring genuine appreciation for different work styles. This leads to positive and productive workplace interactions, improving employee engagement, collaboration, and performance. Ultimately, Everything DiSC unlocks a culture-driven competitive advantage for your organization.

Five Behaviors Team

Five Behaviors builds a culture of teamwork, and the results speak for themselves: 89% of learners report improved team effectiveness. Individuals learn how to 'Team' effectively. Teams improve productivity and address team dysfunction. This leads to a more dymamic and productive team environment that can transform the culture and performance of the team.

Everything DiSC Team Halo

How Do I Get Started ?

How Do I Get Started ?

Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors™ follow a three-step process:

Take The Assessment: Research-backed Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors assessments provide personalised insights through adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms.

Conduct a Workshop: Engaging workshops bring insights to life, addressing modern team dynamics. Customisable activities and tools ensure a tailored learning experience.

On-going Impact: Follow-up resources drive lasting change. Explore DiSC styles, connect with colleagues, understand team culture, and track Five Behaviors progress.

Who We Work With

Growing Organisation
Growing Organisations

Everything DiSC®  and Five Behaviors™ solutions can support any business in growing to the next level by helping you with a strong focus on your people and culture. From solutions that build individual and team awareness to improve collaboration and communication, learn to ‘Team’ more effectively, improve management or leadership skills, and even develop top sales talent.

Team In Stagnation
Teams Going Through a Hard Time

Some teams find themselves in a tough spot and need a fresh approach to get them moving forward. Using the Everything DiSC and Five Behavior tools, our external facilitation can be a catalyst for positive change. The Five Behaviors Team Development solution can help you address team dysfunction.

HR Manager
Learning & Development Professionals

We provide learning & development professionals with a range of support, from upskilling your team with Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors solutions to simply providing you with access to assessments, workshop facilitation kits, and training and certification.

Business Coach
Coaches, Consultants & Educators

Expand your toolkit and enhance client results with Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors solutions. Enjoy the flexibility of our self-administration accounts, where you can issue assessments to your clients and generate insightful group reports. Optionally, become an Everything DiSC or Five Behaviors certified practitioner.

What Our Clients Say

I am able to personalise my line management style even more, but also be more understanding of differences in how we approach things. 

Julia, Manager

Natalie receives praise for her knowledge, passion, and facilitation. Participants feel engaged, motivated, and reassured by her guidance, emphasising the importance of skilled facilitation in maximising the program’s benefits.

Marie, Director

Everything DiSC has helped me understand that I do have strengths to bring to the team. It has accurately pinpointed where I need to push myself out of my comfort zone’

Jasmine, Manager
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Looking For Support?

Have questions about Everything DiSC® or The Five Behaviors®? We are here for you to provide expert guidance and support. Send us a message, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Contact Information

+44 (0) 2036 573795

Opening Times:

9:00am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday GMT

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