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Looking For A Facilitator?

Natalie Simms

Hi, I am Natalie Simms

Founder of Di5B and Scenario One Ltd. I personally handle all enquiries for professional facilitation.

The learning experience is where the Everything DiSC® or The Five Behaviors® profile comes alive for learners. We can help you facilitate your initial learning experience workshop and your on-going programme as required. We provide both in-person and virtual facilitation.

Like myself, all our Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors facilitators are certified practitioners. We help you design the best workshop or program and work with you to ensure that the learning has on-going impact.

Certified Practitioner Badge
Certified Practitioner Badge
Company Owner

Step 1

To understand your existing circumstances - A needs assessment can help you discover the current team dynamics, strengths, challenges, and experience level.

The Process

We follow the Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors best practice of conducting a needs assessment, designing your solution, and creating an evaluation process. We will use our experience to judge the right level of detail to use so that we are both efficient and thorough. The steps can include:

Team Meeting
Using Catalyst
Everything DiSC Introduction

Step 2

To understand your desired outcomes - A needs assessment can help you uncover the outcomes various stakeholders want.  This can include Human Resources, Executive Leadership, Senior Management, Team Leaders, and Participants.

Five Behaviors Meeting
Five Behaviors Team

Step 3

Determine if there is a training need. Sometimes, the organization’s need is not solvable with a training fix. A needs assessment will help you determine if that is the case.

Five Behaviors Meeting
Everything DiSC Meeting

Step 4

To prepare an appropriate program for the group - Ultimately, the result of conducting a needs assessment is that we'll be better able to prepare a program that addresses your group's specific needs and goals.

Online Meeting

Uncovering Your Needs

We start by discussing what is your ideal outcome by: 

  • Understanding who the learners are and their characteristics

  • Identifying the gap between what is currently being done and what is ideal

  • Exploring with you the desired new behaviour

  • Understanding what might be holding back these desired outcomes and behaviours

  • Getting really specific about the priorities that you have for the workshop.

Designing Your Program

Completing the needs assessment will allow us to confidently recommend the right Everything DiSC or Five Behaviors solution for you.

We aim to create a plan for you that goes beyond the initial workshop, although naturally, that will be our initial priority.


We will agree with you on the specific objectives that you have. We will then be able to present these to the participants when we introduce the goals and objectives of the workshop and design the evaluation based on them.


Specifically, we will determine the fit for the off-the-shelf facilitation content and material and what should be customised for you.


We will agree with you on the time allocated to the workshop and whether it will be delivered in a single or multiple sessions.


Once all the participants have completed their assessments, we will do a final level of customising, considering the DiSC styles represented by the group. This can shape the precise activities and how the group is split to ensure maximum participant learning and impact.


After the workshop, we will consider and recommend action-plan follow-up, the best approach for achieving accountability and supporting you to measure the program's success.


Let's Build Your Team's Success

Seeking an experienced facilitator to guide your team through Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors?  Connect directly with Natalie, founder of Di5B & Scenario One, for personalised guidance and transformative results.


Let's discuss your goals and create a customised plan to elevate your team's performance.

Natalie Simms

Let's Build Your Team's Success

Female Company Owner

Knowing Your Participants

We will discuss with you the tenure of the participants by:


  • Analysing their level of experience(s)

  • The mix of roles, responsibilities, and hierarchy, and the group size.

Once all the participants have completed their DiSC® profiles or Five Behaviors assessments, we’ll be able to discuss with you the mix of styles in the group.

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