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Inclusion Education's Everything DiSC® and Five Behaviors™ Case Study

Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors Case Study

We are excited to share our case study of the Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors® engagement with our client, Inclusion Education Inclusion Education | Di5B

Inclusion is an excellent example of an organization truly embracing Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors. Their amazing Founder and CEO, Cheryl Edwards, sums this up:

Everything DISC and The Five Behaviours is going to form the core systems approach to sustaining an effective working culture across the organisation as we grow.  It fits so well with our values and commitment to inclusion amongst staff and supporting staff to support each other’.

The case study describes the ten-month journey so far and the approach that Inclusion and Di5B are partnering on to ensure the strongest possible ongoing impact of the deployed solutions, namely Everything DiSC® Catalyst™: Workplace, Management and Agile EQ and The Five Behaviors® Personal Development.

There are two opportunities during the first half of June to hear directly from Cheryl and Inclusion’s Director of Innovation and Development, Marie Greenhalgh about their experience with the program:

  • On 5th June, Cheryl and Marie will join me for a LinkedIn Live audio session about the rising need for human skills in driving team performance, a B2B Growth Expo event. We will discuss how Everything DiSC supports businesses to build better relationships in the workplace by improving vital soft skills such as empathy, communication and adapting to colleagues by understanding each other’s preferences, perspectives, and priorities. We will be discussing how The Five Behaviors can help teams build deeper levels of trust that lead to genuine buy-in to team decisions so that colleagues feel compelled to hold each other accountable for the collective results of the team The rising need for human skills in driving team performance. | LinkedIn.

  • On 13th June, Marie Greenhalgh and I are sharing an in-person presentation and Q&A session at Inclusion’s new facility, EB8, in the centre of Basingstoke. This session focuses on how the program is helping support psychological strategy across the organization and why this is so important for growth and success in any business. Here is the event page Strengthening Psychological Safety in the Workplace | Di5B

Cheryl and Marie have been the driving force behind the program, leading by example and setting the standard for the entire Inclusion organization. Their active sponsorship and participation have fostered a positive and enthusiastic engagement from every team, making this a truly enjoyable and successful experience for all.

The case study is a testament to the program's positive impact, with feedback from the team highlighting the tangible benefits they are realising for their indivdual growth and for enhancing team dynamics.

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