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How Does Everything DiSC® Go from Four Generic Primary Styles to an Accurate Personalised Profile?

Everything DiSC DOT Placement

When you take your online Everything DiSC® assessment, the algorithm, based on 40+ years of research and more than 8 million completed assessments, will place you very precisely into one of 12 DiSC styles.

Your placement in one of these 12 styles is shown by your DOT. With this, you have immediately gone from four primary styles (D, i, S, C) to these 12 styles. Then, the placement of the DOT will further differentiate people with this same style. A DOT placement towards the outer edge of the DiSC map indicates that you are likely to be strongly inclined to your profile, and a DOT placement in the middle shows that you are likely to be moderately inclined to this DiSC style. A DOT placement towards the center of the map indicates that you will have a slight inclination towards this style, meaning that although you can relate to the tendencies and preferences of the style, you can also relate to those of other styles. This starts to reveal our uniqueness.

Everything DISC Workplace

You will be presented with a DISC® map with your shading. Each Everything DISC application suite shows eight different priorities (sometimes called mindsets). This example is from Everything DiSC Workplace. The algorithm will calculate the strength of your preference for each of these eight priorities. Your DOT placement immediately determines which three priorities your DiSC style typically prioritizes the most and may stretch your shading to four or even five priorities if the algorithm assesses you as having a very high preference for these extended priorities, which are not typical of the DiSC style.

Your DiSC report will provide a personalized view of your tendencies and preferences.

When we facilitate learning experiences, we say that the assessment is, on average, 90%+ accurate. We allow you to individually personalize your report by ticking the written statements you resonate with, crossing through statements you feel are not you, and marking questions if you are unsure.

I receive reactions from most people that their report is very accurate and that they agree with most, if not all, of the statements in their profile.

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