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Everything DiSC® - The S Style

Everything DiSC

In this post, we will focus on the S-Steadiness style.

As with all four primary DiSC® styles, the S-Style comprises three distinct styles: S, Si, and SC. These three styles will include some of the tendencies, preferences, and characteristics expressed in this post. However, the Si style will also have characteristics of the i style, and the SC will have a blend of the characteristics of the S and C styles.

People with the S style tend to be patient, even-tempered, and attentive to others' needs. They are probably cooperative people who take pride in doing their part to help the team. Even if they are competitive, they don’t need to win to feel good about themselves. When they receive credit for a good job, they will probably share it with others.

People with the S style tend to be accommodating and can find it essential to maintain the approval of others. Therefore, they can put a lot of their energy into catering to other people. They can find it difficult to say no and may fail to tell people when they have been inconvenienced.

Because they need harmony, they can find conflict difficult. Because of their sensitive nature, they may dwell on incidents that others wouldn’t think twice about.

In group situations, they often play the role of peacemaker.

They hold themselves to high standards and find criticism difficult. They tend to downplay their performance, which can result in others failing to recognize their contributions.

The S-style is instinctively trusting and tends to be very accepting of both people and ideas. They give others the benefit of the doubt, try to be open-minded, and show support.

They can be soft-spoken, fear speaking out of turn, and talk hesitantly, which others may find unconvincing.

Because they like stability, people with the S-style prefer to have procedures to guide their work. They want to clearly understand what’s expected of them so they don’t disappoint anyone.

The S-Style tends to avoid risks and probably dislikes shortcuts. When considering significant changes, they can focus more on the possibility of failure than the potential benefits. Therefore, they tend to need quite a lot of certainty before making significant decisions. This uncertainty can be an obstacle to progress.

The Si-Style’s overall contributions to the workplace include their acceptance of others, dependability, and ability to be team players. These are likely to be some of the qualities their colleagues admire the most.

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