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Everything DiSC - The C Style

Updated: May 5

When you think of your best work experiences, what do they have in common?

Maybe you had:

  • Familiarity with your team.

  • Your coworkers knew how you liked to communicate and collaborate.

  • Things got done.

  • The team could work through and resolve conflict.

  • The team environment empowered you to stretch and develop in new ways.

DiSC®: can help you integrate these ‘best’ workplace experiences into everyday work life. By better understanding yourself and others, you can improve relationships and become more effective in the workplace.

In this post, we will focus on the C-Conscientiousness style, which happens to be my DiSC style.

We will specifically look at the Everything DiSC Workplace® application. At the end of the post is a promo code for ordering a free Workplace assessment profile to experience this for yourself on Everything DiSC Catalyst™.

Please note that there are four basic DiSC styles, each with three distinct styles, meaning that there are 12 distinct DiSC styles overall. The three distinct C styles are C, CD, and CS. The information provided in this post is specifically for the distinct C style. There will be both similarties and differences for the CD and CS Styles with the information provided.

About the C Style

The C style tends to be analytical, reserved, and focused on accuracy and quality.

People with the C style probably take a logical, objective approach to work to ensure accuracy. They tend to be cautious because they want to avoid mistakes. They usually take time to think things through before making choices. Therefore, it can be stressful for the C style to make decisions when the outcome is unpredictable, or they don’t have enough information. They may overanalyze a situation to gain an unrealistic level of certainty.

Compared with most people, the C style may be particularly hard on themselves for being wrong.

They may have a strong questioning side, as they value research and analysis highly and are unlikely to accept new ideas or plans at face value.

They tend to prize independence and probably prefer to work alone. This doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy contributing to a team. They enjoy sharing their expertise and appreciate the opportunity to give advice.

The C style is probably private, with personal information, unless the person knows someone well. They can be uncomfortable mingling with strangers and particularly uncomfortable around people who show a lot of emotion. They probably show a lot of self-control and hope others will do the same.

Colleagues with other DiSC styles are likely to admire the C styles' insistent on precision, their diligence, and ability to find practical solutions, often to complex problems.

What does the C Style prioritize?

Everything DiSC Workplace
Everything DiSC Workplace

Each distinct Everything DiSC application suite shows a DiSC Map comprising eight priorities (also referred to as Mindsets in Agile EQ). Your distinct DiSC style determines which priorities you are likely to naturally place the greatest energy or emphasis on.

Each distinct DiSC style is assigned three priorities. Additionally, some people have one or even two extended priorities. The three priorities that are standard for the C style are shown in the table below for each Everything DiSC application.


Agile EQ


Work of Leaders

Productive Conflict





















Each Everything DiSC application provides detailed insights into these priorities and helps understand what each DiSC style prioritizes.

Everything DiSC Workplace®

This 20-page report:

  • Introduces you to Everything DiSC and provides an overview of the DiSC model.

  • Summarises the key aspects of your DiSC style.

  • Provides a clear perspective on what you prefer amongst eight workplace priorities.

  • Gives you insight into what motivates you and what is stressful for you.

  • For each of the other three primary DiSC styles, it clearly explains how you might react to colleagues with this style and the motivation for their behaviours.

  • Provides strategies for solving problems with colleagues of each style and strategies for when things get tense.

  • The report brings everything together to help you stretch your comfort zone by presenting you with three strategies for working on the workplace priorities you tend to prioritize the least.


If you want to experience a free Workplace profile on Everything DiSC Catalyst, please use promo code ‘Catalyst.’ Please select ‘Workplace only,’ as this coupon does not provide the Agile EQ or Management add-on experiences for free, even if selected. These add-on experiences can be purchased separately once you have experienced the Workplace base experience. There are a limited number of coupons available until Friday 3rd May 2024.


Our next post will focus on the D style and feature the Five Behaviors: Personal Development Assessment.

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