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Di5B Launches Today

Updated: Apr 25

Growing Organisation

We are incredibly excited to be launching Di5B today and unveiling our new website.

Di5B Logo
The Di represents DiSC® and 5B The Five Behaviors

Following our success in our first year of being a Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors® Authorised Partner, under our umberalla company Scenario One Ltd we have decided to spinout a business dedicated to Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors.

Our website, provides information on all the Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors assessments, the learning experiences that bring to life the assessment and the digital platforms and support that is available to maximise on-going impact and business growth solutions.

This week in our blog we are featuring DiSC®, The Five Behaviors model and the different assessment products.

Starting next week, we will be focusing on one DiSC style each week, beginning with the C - Conscientiousness style. Each day, we will delve into specific assessments, providing valuable insights into the information they offer for each style.

As a special offer, we are providing VIP vouchers through our website store. These vouchers will grant you free access to the featured assessment. Don't miss out on this opportunity - follow our blog to stay updated and make the most of these vouchers.

We look forward to bringing you the incredible value that can be realised from Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors so that you can unlock your full potential and that of your team and organisation.

Natalie and Team Di5B.

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